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Christmas at the Lakeside Resort by Susan Schild (Lakeside Resort #1)

Publication Info: Published October 6, 2018 by Longleaf Pine Press. I read the Kindle edition, available through Kindle Unlimited. Other editions available.

Summary: Jenny Beckett is feeling a bit rattled. Her fiance dumped her for a much younger, flashier woman just a few weeks before their scheduled Christmas wedding. Jenny’s ill-tempered landlord sold her house and land out from under her, leaving Jenny, her miniature horse and two dogs without an affordable place to live. Then her peripatetic father passed away, saddling Jenny with some of his odds and ends.

A phone call from her father’s estate attorney opened up some unexpected options. In addition to an airstream trailer, Jenny’s father left her his mortgage-free home, plus several partially built cabins on a lakeside lot in a nearby North Carolina town.

Jenny decides to take the plunge and completely change the direction of her life. With the help of a hunky handyman with gorgeous blue eyes named Luke, and his sister, Alice, she takes on the monumental task of trying to get the cabins ready for the winter holidays.

Comments: Christmas at the Lakeside Resort is a sweet, mature romance novel and is completely charming. I totally related to Jenny’s problems and would love to have her as a friend! So many of her thoughts and reactions were like my own. I laughed out loud at her drinking wine out of Flintstone glasses, having owned a few of those myself at one point. Other than Jenny’s oh-so-dump-worthy boyfriend, the people in the book were adult, self-aware and completely non-egotistical. Very refreshing!

My husband and I stayed at a pretty downtown Denver hotel on Christmas Eve. I read this book in a warm, cozy alcove while sipping a glass of complimentary sparkling wine. The combination was absolutely perfect. I’m looking forward to reading more of Susan Schild’s books.

Highly recommended for readers of Romance, especially Light Romance. Christmas is featured on the cover, but this book could be read any time of the year.

My Rating: 5 STARS

Note: Background photo for the book cover was taken at a local hotel by me.