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A Perfect Lie by Lisa Renee Jones

Publication Info: Pre-Pub Kindle edition courtesy of Net Galley. Expected publication date May 14, 2019 by Julie Patra Publishing. Other editions will also be available.A Perfect Lie

Summary: Hailey Anne Monroe spends her life in the spotlight of the press and the shadow of her father, Thomas Frank Monroe, a man expected to become a future President of the United States. And she hates her life and herself.

Her mother was killed in a car accident when Hailey was a teenager. Thomas Monroe blames his daughter for a momentary lack of exceptional behavior (she  went to and blacked out at a forbidden teenage party). He becomes emotionally distant, scarring Hailey for life with guilt.

As we meet our troubled narrator, Hailey, she is twenty-eight years old. She is expected to marry the perfect man, Tobey, and go to law school at Harvard. Hailey is not in love with Tobey and she’d rather pursue a career in art.

After Tobey and Hailey’s best friend, Danielle, drag Hailey to a private club to unwind, Hailey blacks out after a single sip of a cocktail. The next thing she knows, Danielle is missing and assumed dead.  Hailey’s father’s political machine whirs into action to begin the cover-up process. Hailey is eventually whisked away from Washington, D.C. and sent to Denver while the event cools down and becomes yesterday’s news. It is in Denver that Hailey can finally breathe, think and start putting the pieces together of what really happened to her mother and her best friend. And the answer is not what Hailey expected.

Comments: When I first started reading A Perfect Lie, I didn’t particularly care for it. I didn’t like the narrator, Hailey, with her doom and gloom present/past narration. But about a third of the way into it, I got more into the rhythm and started understanding why the author chose this style. After Hailey got to Denver, she not only became a more likeable character as the oppressive fetters of her life in D.C. are lifted, but the setting clicked with me. As soon as Hailey described the area to which she’d moved, I knew exactly where she was, because I lived there for several years. Having recently moved back to Denver, a city I love, I was delighted to be walking the streets of the Cherry Creek neighborhood with her.

Recommended for readers of Thrillers, Political Fiction and General Fiction.