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The Vacation by T.M. Logan

Publication Info: Expected publication date, July 21, 2020 by St. Martin’s Press. I read the pre-pub Kindle edition courtesy of NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. Previous editions available from other publishers.

Summary: Several long-time friends, along with their families, go on vacation in a secluded villa in France to celebrate the women’s fortieth birthdays. They almost all carry secrets with them.

Sean and Kate are on this vacation with their teenage daughter, Lucy, and nine-year old son, Daniel. Recently, Sean has been acting oddly and Kate suspects he’s having an affair. Jennifer and Alistair are there with their two teen-aged sons, Jake and Ethan. Jake has a history of disturbing behavior. Izzy arrives alone, her fiance having been killed by a bus years ago, but she hints at a new illicit relationship. Rowan, the successful businesswoman whose client owns the villa, arranged the vacation, making her less wealthy friends feel both grateful and inadequate. Her husband, Russ, drinks too much. Their five-year-old- daughter, Odette, is the youngest of the group and the only one with nothing to hide.

Based on a text she saw on her husband’s phone, Kate spends most of her vacation obsessed with figuring out which one of her friends is having a relationship with her husband. But when she learns what is really going on, it is far more disturbing.

Comments: The Vacation is full of characters that I’m glad aren’t my friends. The most likeable ones were the two youngest children, Ethan and Odette. Reading it was like watching the proverbial train wreck. I really wanted to slap several of the adults for being selfish twits.

I really loved two other books that I read by T.M. Logan — Lies and 29 Seconds. While still a decent entry into the suspense genre, I felt that The Vacation wasn’t quite up to those standards.

My rating: 3.75 Stars

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