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Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

Publication Info: I listened to the Audible Audio edition, published April 21, 2020 by MacMillan Audio. Other editions available, including hardcover and ebooks. Check with your favorite seller.

Summary: Marin Machado’s life shattered the day her four year old son was stolen. He was right by her side at a busy market just before Christmas — and then he vanished. The security cameras showed him walking away with a man in a Santa Claus suit. No other traces were found.

A year later, she is still trying to cope. She is in a support group, attends therapy sessions, and has hired a private investigator to find her son, Sebastian. Her husband has become increasingly distant and their marriage is falling apart. The investigator hasn’t found any trace of Sebastian, but she informs Marin that her husband is having an affair. Marin becomes obsessed with the woman, searching for her on social media and even stalking her at work.

Marin’s closest friend is Sal, a man who has a bit of a shady past. When Sal offers Marin a permanent solution for her problem with her husband, she is certain it is the only thing to do. But that leads to an even worse secret.

Comments: I probably shouldn’t have been listening to this one in bed. It definitely kept me awake a few nights! Just when you think you have it all figured out, the twists keep coming.

Many years ago, at a very crowded event, I briefly lost my son, who was close to Sebastian’s age. I still remember the terror of realizing he was not by my side. It all ended well (and he hasn’t forgotten this either!), but this incident in my own past definitely ratcheted up the emotional anguish I felt along with Marin. This one was a nail biter!

Highly recommended for readers of Psychological Suspense.

My Rating: 5 STARS

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