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Shades of Earl Grey by Laura Childs (A Tea Shop Mystery #3)

Publication Info: Published January 7, 2003 by Berkley Books. I read the paperback edition, purchased from the online bookstore Thriftbooks. Other editions available.

Summary: Charleston resident Camille Cantroux is looking forward to her engagement party. Although her wedding to Captain Corey Buchanan is to take place in Savannah, most of her friends live in Charleston and her aunt, Delaine Dish, worked hard to make her niece’s party a grand affair.

The party is barely under way at the lovely Lady Goodwood’s Inn when a huge crash is heard coming from the Garden Room. The guests discover that the glass ceiling has collapsed. At the center of the rubble is Captain Buchanan, dead from a glass shard embedded in his spine. The wedding is now most certainly off.

An investigation and search reveal that the heirloom wedding ring is missing. Theodosia Browning, amateur sleuth and owner of the town’s popular Indigo Tea Shop, thinks that a cat burglar came through the roof just to steal the ring. After other expensive items begin to disappear downtown, she is sure of it. She tries to convince the police of her theory but they don’t appear to take her seriously. Theodosia is determined to discover the identity of the cat burglar and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Comments: Shades of Earl Grey is the third in the smartly written cozy mystery from Laura Childs. I love the atmosphere and characters. I stayed in Charleston for a couple of nights many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my time in this historical, charming city. With its fine teas and delicious sounding baked goods, I would live to have an Indigo Tea Shop near me! There are some recipes included at the back of the book for those who like to bake.

Recommended for readers of mysteries, especially cozy mysteries, and those who like books set in Charleston, South Carolina.

My rating: 4 Stars

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