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Bitter Falls by Rachel Caine (Stillhouse Lake #4)

Publication Info: Published January 20, 2020 by Thomas & Mercer. I listened to the Kindle edition through Other editions available.

Summary: In this fourth book in the Stillhouse Lake series, Gwen Proctor, her partner Sam and Gwen’s two teenage children, Lanny and Connor, have been living relatively safely in their home. In fact, Gwen has let her guard down and has stopped regularly drilling the children in flight and escape methods. She and her family are about to regret that.

Gwen’s boss assigns her to look for a teenage boy who has been missing for three years. Her search takes her into the path of a very powerful and determined cult.

Lanny is chafing at her restricted life and wants friends. She climbs out of a window and goes to a wild lakeside party where she ends up in mortal danger.

With all of the media attention, Lakeside’s most powerful hillbilly drug-dealing family decides they want Gwen and her family to move out of town as soon as possible.

When all of these events collide, it becomes one heck of a firestorm!

Comments: This is definitely a put brain in neutral and hang on to your seats series. I like it for just that reason.

I thought the first book, Stillhouse Lake, was a very interesting twist on the serial killer theme. It was told from Gwen Proctor’s perspective. She had absolutely no idea what her husband’s gruesome hobby was in their garage! Her life, and that of her children, would never be peaceful again. Each subsequent novel pulls you further into the travails of this beleaguered family.

The ending of Bitter Falls definitely leaves some ends dangling toward a fifth in the series. I’ve got my blanket and popcorn ready!

Recommended for readers of Thrillers and Suspense series titles.

My rating 5 STARS

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