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Follow Me by Kathleen Barber

Publication Info: Expected publication date February 25, 2020 by Gallery Books. Kindle Pre-Pub edition courtesy of NetGalley. Other editions will be available at the time of publication.

Summary: Audrey Miller has over a million followers on various social media accounts. She photographs and posts her every action — her choice of clothing, her furnishings, her job, her meals, her activities. Being a social media influencer is hard work. She has to post very frequently in order to maintain her following.

Despite the lack of a post-graduate degree, Audrey’s social media experience lands her a job with the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. She is also reunited with some old friends, including a sorority friend from college, Cat, and a former boyfriend, Nick.

Audrey rents an apartment sight unseen. When she arrives, she finds several things wrong with it, but she’s determined to make it work. Besides being in the basement, the landlady’s grandson is a creepy drug addict who likes to break into her place and harass her.

Meanwhile, in separate chapters labeled HIM, we meet Audrey’s stalker. He follows her every move on social media and starts following her in real life. He spins tales in his head that she will fall in love with him. He ratchets up his desperate acts. Audrey begins to notice disturbing and frightening things — like someone peeping through her window and leaving orange roses at her door.

She’s not safe at work either. One of her annoying coworkers keeps trying to impress her by wearing her favorite color, orange, and some weird guy keeps sneaking into the off-limits, under construction, exhibit that Audrey is promoting.

As Audrey’s life gets increasingly strange and stressful, she spins further and further out of control. She barely keeps up with her job and personal social media accounts. She is on the verge of a meltdown when suddenly life gets better. But then…it isn’t.

Comments: Follow Me kept me guessing until nearly the very end. It was a real nail-biting, page turner! Everyone Audrey knows is a suspect at some point. The creepy HIM chapters keep the reader in the loop even though Audrey is clueless most of the time.

I personally enjoyed the setting, Washington D.C., as I was born there and spent a lot of time in that city throughout most of my life.

If you like psychological suspense, put Follow Me at the top of your reading list! And keep the lights on.

Very highly recommended for readers of Psychological Suspense.


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