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Deadly Medicine by Leonard Goldberg

Publication Info: Published November 3, 1992 by Signet. Paperback edition.

Summary: Psychotic egomaniac uses an experimental drug to get his jollies while killing women. The police investigator in charge of the case leans heavily on the experience of an intelligent, female physician named Joanna Blalock to help him solve the crime. Ridiculous scenarios ensue.

Comments: I was in a ginormous used book store recently and came across this book. It appealed to me because I was in the mood for a good old fashioned medical thriller. This definitely fit that category, but it was also over the top and ridiculous. It was so obviously cranked out just to make a buck that I considered not even putting it on my review page. But a few thoughts occurred to me…

This book was written twenty-seven years ago. Tastes have changed and popular pulp fiction these days isn’t usually quite so racist, misogynistic and completely unresearched. The police and the doctor get into completely unrealistic situations while working on the case. The characters are black and white stereotypes that sometimes change their views within a few sentences.

I found myself grinding my teeth at all of the verbal and physical actions against the professional females by the so-called professional male characters. You don’t see as much of that in books anymore unless it is to highlight the piggish actions of a particular character.

But unfortunately, misogyny is still alive and well in the world. In restaurants, I observe the comments men make to their female wait staff. My daughter is in the construction business and deals with men who ignore her completely or make demeaning remarks, pretending they are joking. And don’t get me started on some of the men who get elected to office, run corporations or are sports figures and movie stars!

So, I decided to review Deadly Medicine to get on my soap box and make a statement. Yes, some changes have been made in this country and others. But there is still a very long way to go until women and minorities are treated with the respect and dignity due all of humanity. I’m glad that most of the books I read are much better than this one.

Would I read another one in this series? No.

Not recommended unless you are trying for a blast from the past experience and want to go kick an effigy afterward.

My Rating 2 STARS: (It gets more than one because at least the writing quality was decent).

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