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Nocturne Falls Series (Books 1-7) by Kristen Painter

Publication Info: All books listed are available on through the Audible Escape package. Other editions available (e-book, paperback, etc). Check with your favorite retailer.

  1. The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride, Book 1
  2. The Werewolf Meets His Match, Book 2
  3. The Gargoyle Gets His Girl, Book 3
  4. The Professor Woos the Witch, Book 4
  5. The Vampire’s Fake Fiance, Book 5
  6. The Shifter Romances the Writer, Book 6
  7. The Dragon Finds Forever, Book 7

Summary: The town of Nocturne Falls in Georgia is a haven for supernaturals. Originally built by a family of wealthy, benign vampires, the town’s major business is tourism. In Nocturne Falls, every day is Halloween.

For the human tourists that visit daily, the residents of the town are all supernaturals pretending to be humans, pretending to be supernaturals. There is always a “Vampire of the Day” on duty in typical vampire regalia, flirting with the women who giggle as they take selfies with him. A werewolf runs “Howlers”, a biker bar with delicious food. A real-live gargoyle perches on the fountain, guarding the park. A witch is the town’s best real estate agent, selling homes to supernaturals and humans.

Each of the novels features a fun, flirty, romance between two supernaturals. The characters are all witty, polite, friendly and not a bit scary once you get to know them. Humans are kept ignorant of the true nature of the town by a magic spell cast on the town’s water supply. The author makes Nocturne Falls sound like a fun place to live — if it were real, I’d definitely want to visit!

Comments: This series is a hoot! I’m so glad I signed up for Audible Escape. I’m discovering so many good books that I would have overlooked otherwise. I’ve always been a sucker for Halloween, but I’m not fond of blood and gore. This Disneyesque series suits me perfectly.

There are currently twelve novels in the Nocturne Falls series, as well as four short stories. I’m featuring the first seven novels because those are all on Audible Escape. The remaining five novels are on Audible but not included in the Escape package. I plan to splurge and use a few of my regular Audible credits on the rest of the series.

Highly recommended for readers of Light Romances, Supernatural Romances and Humorous Romances.

My rating for the series: 4.5+ STARS

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