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House of Brides by Jane Cockram

Publication Info: Expected publication date Oct 22, 2019 by Harper. Pre-Pub Kindle edition courtesy of Eidelweiss + by Above the Treeline.

Summary: Miranda Courteney’s life fell apart when she made one very public mistake. Her frenzied life as a social media health and lifestyle influencer came crashing to a halt after she handed out some particularly unscientific and potentially dangerous advice. Now she’s back living with her father and facing low level employment in a job he secured for her. Miranda doesn’t want to take the job and is restless and unhappy.

While flipping through the household mail, dreading to find more letters from the lawyer’s office, Miranda finds a letter addressed to her mother, Tessa Summers. Her mother has been dead for years. The letter is from Barnsley House in England, where her mother lived before moving to Australia, well before Miranda was born. The letter is a cry for help from a young girl, Sophia, to her aunt Tessa, saying something was wrong with her own mother, Tessa’s sister, Daphne. Sophia apparently was never told her aunt passed away.

Miranda decides to escape to England — to Barnsley house — to help her cousin and find out more about her mother and her maternal family. All Miranda knows about her Summers relatives is in a book that her mother wrote, titled House of Brides. As Miranda recklessly heads to England after stealing money from her father, she doesn’t realize she may be putting herself in mortal danger.

Comments: House of Brides falls just short of my idea of a good gothic mystery. The elements are there — an old house, mysterious deaths, family secrets, possible ghosts — but somehow the atmosphere just didn’t come together for me. I got a bit confused by all of the characters and sub-plots, some of which seemed to exist just to mislead the reader. There is an unexpected twist at the end, which I enjoyed.

Genres: Thriller, Gothic-Mystery, Family Saga

My Rating: 3 STARS

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