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Someone We Know by Shari Lapena

Publication Info: Published July 30, 2019 by Pamela Dorman Books. Hardcover edition courtesy of my local library. Other editions available.

Summary: After his wife doesn’t arrive home from a shopping weekend with a girlfriend, Robert Pierce files a missing person’s report with the police. During questioning, Robert insists that he has a happy marriage and that his wife couldn’t have left of her own accord.

A teenage boy, Raleigh Sharpe, who lives on the same street as Robert Pierce has been breaking into neighborhood homes and hacking into their computers for the fun of it. After a ill-timed text from a friend gives his activities away to his mother, Olivia, Raleigh is in deep trouble. He confesses to his crime, but downplays the extent of it. He tells her he only broke into two houses — the Pierce home and that of a new neighbor, who is a lonely, nosy widow. Feeling guilty for what her son did, Olivia types up anonymous apology notes and drops them in the mail slots of the two houses. This starts a cascade of unintended consequences.

Meanwhile, Robert Pierce’s wife is found dead. The police now take the case more seriously as they have a murder on their hands. As they start asking questions, they learn that several of the neighbors are much too friendly with each other and there are multiple motives for murder. But which one killed Amanda Pierce?

Comments: I couldn’t put this nail-biter of a thriller down. I read Someone We Know in a single day–almost a single sitting. (My husband insisted I stop to eat dinner with him–the nerve!) I just put the author’s other thrillers on my reading list. They will make perfect travel, beach or trapped inside on a snowy day books.

Highly recommended for readers of Thrillers, Suspense and Murder Mysteries.

My Rating: 5 STARS

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