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The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

Publication Info: Published July 30, 2019 by St. Martin’s Press. I read the hardcover edition from my local library. Other editions available.

Summary: Nobody likes team building exercises, but when four high-flying Stanhope financial executives get an order to attend an escape room they go. After a series of expensive mishaps and mistakes, they know their jobs are on the line. Each is determined to rise to the top while seeing their co-workers fail.

Vincent, Sam, Sylvie and Jules are told meet up at a high-rise building after hours. They are used to working late and unusual hours, so while this causes mental grumbling, it is no cause for alarm. But after they step into the elevator, they soon realize that something odd is going on. They were informed that the elevator was an escape room exercise. But as the elevator shoots up to a higher floor, it suddenly stops and goes dark. Armed with lights from laptops and cell phones, they search for clues while sniping at each other.

As the hours pass locked in a dark, hot box of a room, the situation becomes more dire. One of the group is badly injured. Food and water are in short supply. And one of them has a gun.

Eventually, they realize that someone has done this to them for revenge. The real answer to the escape room riddle is, who?

Comments: This book is sure to give the heebie-jeebies to anyone even slightly claustrophobic. The tension in the elevator is relieved by the alternating chapters narrated by Sara Hall, another Stanhope employee who is not in the inner circle. Through Sarah’s narration, the reader gets an insider’s view of the cutthroat, grasping, money-loving corporate culture that feeds the egos and greed of Vincent, Sam, Sylvie and Jules.

The Escape Room is a solid psychological thriller that creeps out and nibbles at some of our basic fears. I know I will be looking at the elevators in my building with some trepidation for some time to come!

Recommended for readers of Thrillers, Psychological Thrillers and Financial Fiction.

My Rating: 4 STARS

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