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The Darkest Time of Night by Jeremy Finley (William Chance & Lynn Roseworth #1)

Publication Info: Published June 26, 2018 by St. Martin’s Press. Hardcover edition courtesy of my local library. Other editions available.

Summary: As a young child, Lynn Roseworth was repeatedly warned by her father to never go into the woods. The one time she went in there, she saw something terrifying. Now in her 70’s, she lives with her senator husband in her childhood home. Her eldest daughter lives next door with her husband and sons. Lynn instilled the fear of the woods into her own children, but her grandsons are less cautious. One day the youngest wanders into the woods and vanishes.

When she was in her 20’s, Lynn worked for an astronomy professor who studied disappearances. He was sure that people who vanished were taken by extraterrestrials. Lynn became very involved with his work until something happened to make her break off all contact with him. Now she seeks his help in finding her grandson. But her past association with the professor could potentially put her marriage and her husband’s career in jeopardy.

Comments: I found The Darkest Time of Night while perusing the shelves at the library. The book really zips along and I read it almost in a single sitting. I confess to having a love of books about alien contacts and civilizations. This book takes the basic theme of alien kidnapping and probing and turns it into a fine thriller. It was actually nice to read a thriller that didn’t involve a woman doing something stupid, being mentally unbalanced or being threatened by a man. Lynn Roseworth and her friend, Roxy are kick-ass senior citizens. I love it!

Recommended for readers of Thrillers and Soft Sci-Fi.

My rating: 4 STARS

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