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Wolf Pack by C.J. Box (Joe Pickett #19)

Publication Info: Published March 12th 2019, by G.P. Putnam’s Sons. My kindle copy purchased from

Summary: After a debacle that ended in a cliff hanger in the last book, Joe is back on the job and things are starting to look better for him. In Wolf Pack, Joe is contacted by another game warden, Katelyn Hamm, whose district is just over the mountain from his. Katelyn observed a drone chasing deer and elk, running some of them to their deaths. While the incident occurred on her side of the mountain, she tracked the truck driven by the offender to Joe’s side.

Joe has his own issues trying to track down an illegal trapper. He traces the guy back to an odd and gated compound. When he goes there to find him, he meets up with nothing but misdirection and lies. The issue gets more complicated for Joe personally when he learns his youngest daughter, Lucy, is dating a boy who lives on that compound.

Meanwhile, a quartet of murderers for hire is also in town trying to do a job. The four would be almost laughable if it weren’t for their ringleader, a woman whose ruthlessness is disguised by her stunning beauty.

Toss in some renegade FBI agents, the murder of some innocent people, mapping technology gone awry and Nate Romanowski’s personal life and it all adds up to a bubbling cauldron of danger.

Comments: For me, the worst thing about this book is not having another Joe Pickett novel waiting for me. I’ve caught up with the series. C.J. Box has a few standalone novels and another series called The Highway Quartet. I’ll have to give those a try while I wait for Joe Pickett #20.

Tiny spoiler: My only major beef with this book was that I felt let down by the cliff hanger in the previous novel. I wanted to learn more about how Joe managed to get himself out of the last mess and it was merely glossed over in this book.

Highly recommended for fans of the series, mystery readers and those who like books with a Western setting. If you haven’t read any of these books, start at the beginning of the series.

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