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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Publication Info: Published 2006 by Broadway Books. Audio edition courtesy of my local library.

Summary: Camille Preaker’s Chicago newspaper boss assigns her to return to her small hometown in Missouri to cover the murder of two young girls. Camille’s return home is anything but warm and welcoming. She has an extremely dysfunctional relationship with her mother. Her stepsister, Amma, a thirteen year old girl, shows signs of possible abuse and her stepfather is clueless.

The murdered girls were both found with their teeth removed. A local young man is suspected but there is little to no evidence — the small town police are looking for someone to pin it on. A young boy testified that he saw a woman abduct one of the girls, but nobody believes him. Serial killers are male, not female.

As Camille tries to get to the truth and write an article worthy of a Pulitzer, she has to face her own past and fears.

Comments: I can’t say that I liked Sharp Objects. The characters are just too twisted and nobody is likeable. Camille struggles with self-hate and was a cutter. Her dead sister was a possible victim of Munchhausen’s by Proxy and her mother has a desperate need to be needed. Her sister, Amma, is a complete bitch. This is a very dark novel without the multi-layered depth I found in another Gillian Flynn novel, Gone Girl.

I’d suggest giving this one a pass. There are so many other great books in this genre.

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