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Triptych by Karen Slaughter (Will Trent #1)

Publication Info: Delacorte press, August 2006. Kindle edition, courtesy of my local library

Summary : Detective Michael Ormewood is called to the scene of a gruesome murder in one of Atlanta’s decaying projects. The victim, a prostitute, was obviously tortured and raped before her death. The killer also left his unique signature by biting off her tongue. Other victims have also been found this way. The higher ups in law enforcement knew they were dealing with a serial killer.

Michael is none too pleased when Will Trent appears at his office. Trent works for the Special Criminal Apprehension Team of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and explains that he has been sent as an advisor. Trent’s background as an abused child shuffled through the system makes him a very unique investigator. He has learned to observe, listen and adapt to a variety of circumstances.

When Detective Ormewood persists in trying to pin the murder on a recently released pedophile, Trent looks at the case from a different angle and finds the evidence points to a much more shocking conclusion.

Comments: I loved a couple of Karen Slaughters more recent, stand-alone novels. I thought Triptych was a bit of a slow starter, but it definitely picked up the pace and my interest after the first few chapters. I found Trent to be an interesting character and I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops as the series progresses. As of this post there are nine books in the Will Trent series — enough to keep me busy a while.

Recommended for suspense and thriller readers, as well as mystery series readers who don’t mind a bit more than the usual blood and gore.

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