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Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Publication Info: Expected publication date: July 2nd 2019 by Dutton. Pre-pub kindle edition courtesy of NetGalley.

Summary: In the initial foreshadowing chapter, Jules Larsen wakes up in a white room surrounded by doctors and nurses. She is told she was injured when a car hit her. As her memory returns, she is terrified and begs then not to send her back.Lock Every Door Sager

The reader is then taken back six days, to the start of Jules’ story. Jules Larsen, a young woman in her mid-twenties, just lost her job and her boyfriend on the same day. She pulls herself together and responds to an ad for an apartment sitter. The job is in an exclusive New York City high-rise building called The Bartholomew. While on the tour of the building and vacant apartment, her interviewer, Leslie Evelyn, asks some unusual questions about her family and personal life. Jules apparently gives the desired answers because she is offered the job on the spot. The job comes with some strict rules, but Jules desperately needs the thousand dollars a week, so she accepts.

Jules has another reason for wanting this job besides the money. As a child she and her sister read a book that took place in The Bartholomew. It was a fanciful, happy tale that took the two girls’ imaginations away from their poverty.  After Jules’ sister vanished without a trace, Jules held onto the book as a connection to her. Now, Jules gets to live some of her childhood fantasies.

The novel continues backwards in time, slowly feeding the reader information about the building and its secluded residents. Jules meets two other apartment sitters. When one of them mysteriously vanishes in the middle of the night, Jules is compelled to find out where she’s gone. What she discovers leads to the accident at the beginning of the book.

Comments: Lock Every Door is a delightfully creepy novel. Just when I thought it was heading to a rather mundane ending, the the story took another turn. Very nicely done, Riley Sager!

I’m usually immune to creepy novels, having been a weird child who read Alfred Hitchcock stories for fun. But this one sent unexpected shivers through me. I’m about to move into a condo in a vaguely similar high-rise building.  I’ll be looking at my neighbors suspiciously for a while!

Highly recommended for readers of Psychological Suspense.  This is a great Beach Read, too!


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