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Vicious Circle by C.J. Box

Publication Info: Published March 21st 2017 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons . Hardcover copy courtesy of my local library. Other editions available. Joe Picket series #17.

Summary: Joe Picket had a deadly altercation with the Cates family in the 15th book in the series, Endangered. Now it looks like one of the few remaining family members is seeking revenge against Joe and his entire family in Vicious Circle.Vicious Circle CJ Box

It begins with a missing hunter, Dave Farkus. During the search for the missing man, Joe spots what appears to be a shooting from his vantage point in a plane. Shortly after this, he learns that Dallas Cates is out of jail. Sherriff’s Deputy Spivak reported that had seen Cates and Farkus together at the local bar and that it appeared that Farkus was getting ready to defend himself. Fearing the worst, Joe goes along on the ground search for Dave. The searchers find his body. The evidence points to Dallas Cates, who is subsequently arrested. But something is off. Cates is way too cocky and now has a high-powered, very expensive defense attorney. Joe wonders how he can afford him.

Meanwhile, April Pickett is in her college dorm room with her roommate, Joy. Joy answers the door wearing April’s jacket. She is attacked and nearly killed by a tattooed axe wielding woman in a hoodie. Joe subsequently sends his family into hiding.

There is only one man who can help Joe protect his family:  Nate Romanowski. But even Nate has trouble dealing with this ruthless killer.

Comments: This series just gets better and better. The author continues to develop his characters, making them more realistic. I am almost caught up on this series, which will be sad…because then I’ll have to wait for another one to be published!  But, I’m getting ahead of myself worrying about running out of the series. There are still two more books in the Joe Pickett series left to read.

I suggest reading this series from the beginning to fully understand the background and the characters.

Highly recommended for readers of Mysteries and Western Fiction


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