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The Burglar by Thomas Perry

Publication Info: Published January 8th 2019 by Mysterious Press. Pre-pub ebook edition courtesy of NetGalley. Other editions, including Kindle and hardcover, available since publication. 40642330

Summary: Elle Stowall is burglar. Her only source of income is derived from breaking into rich people’s homes and stealing items that she can fence. Petite, blond Elle finds her marks by jogging around rich neighborhoods looking for signs that a homeowner is away.

Elle gets more than cash or jewels the day she discovers three murder victims naked in a bed together. She finds a camera recording the bedroom scene. Because of the missing camera, the murderer realizes that someone was in the house and saw the dead bodies. Pretty soon Elle finds herself hunted by people who are determined to see her dead, too.

Comments: I was looking for something that didn’t require me to engage my emotions when I chose this book out of the stack, and I found it. The Burglar is a superficial, fast read that doesn’t require the reader to think too much. In fact, I recommend not thinking too much or you’ll start scratching your head. Despite the triple homicide, the police seem to be doing nothing. Elle steps completely out of character to try to solve this homicide that has nothing to do with her, makes some very stupid decisions repeatedly and then she turns into a one woman force against the bad guys.

However, if you suspend disbelief, The Burglar is an entertaining read. Thomas Perry is an award-winning author who knows how to write an engaging yarn. But in this novel, he allowed his thief to steal some believability.

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