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Freefall by Jessica Barry

Publication Info: Hardcover, published January 8th 2019 by Harper. Other editions available.

A private plane crashes in the Rockies. The pilot is killed and the passenger is presumed dead by investigators. No second body is found, just a few artifacts, including a necklace belonging to the deceased. Freefall

Maggie Carpenter has been estranged from her daughter, Allison, for two years. Allison vanished after she witnessed her mother giving a terminal dose of morphine to her terminally ill father. Maggie felt too guilty to pursue Allison and let her live her life. But now that Allison has been declared dead, Maggie is determined to find out just how Allison ended up on that plane.

Allison, of course, is not dead (no spoilers here, we find that out in the first chapter), but she is running from her recent past. She knows that there is someone out to kill her. Can Allison get off the mountain and to safety before starvation and thirst or her pursuer catch up with her?

Told from both Allison’s and Maggie’s point of view, Freefall is a page-turner of a thriller. I read it cover to cover within 24 hours and it was perfect escapist literature. Nothing terribly original here — I knocked a few points off for the ubiquitous “evil corporation”– but there is a small twist at the end that I admit I didn’t see coming.

Recommended for readers of thrillers and popular fiction. Not recommended for reading on a plane while flying over the Rockies :).

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