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Open Your Eyes by Paula Daly

Publication Info: Pre-pub ARC provided by Eidelweiss+ by Above the Treeline. Expected publication Date, Oct 9, 2018 by Grove Press. Other editions available.

Summary: Novelist Leon Campbell has several mid-list best selling novels to his name. To all appearances, he is happy and successful. His wife, Jane, is a creative writing teacher and aspiring author. They live in a middle-class neighborhood with their young son, Jack.Open your Eyes

The family just gotten in the car to go to Leon’s mother’s house for his birthday when their neighbor, Lawrence accosted them. Lawrence’s wife was upset once again about the Campbell’s cat getting into her flower beds. This was not the first time they’d had problems with their neighbors over minor things. As the argument between Lawrence and Leon heats up, Jane goes into the house to grab some beer for the birthday party and get away from the fracas. Jack, in the back seat with his iPad and headphones, seems oblivious to what the adults are doing.

When Jane comes back out a few minutes later, Lawrence is gone. She speaks to Leon, but he doesn’t answer. She soon realizes something is very wrong. Later at the hospital, they tell her that Leon was shot in the head with a nail gun.

Jane’s life begins to unravel. She discovers that her husband has been keeping huge secrets from her. Leon has lost his memories and may never get them back. The police suspect her of trying to murder him. For Jane to prove her innocence, she must try to figure out exactly why someone wanted Leon dead.

Comments: Open Your Eyes is a fast-paced thriller. From the unusual murder weapon to unexpected motives, this novel of revenge gone deadly wrong will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

Recommended for readers of psychological thrillers and crime novels.

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