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The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

Publication Info: edition published August 8, 2017 by Blackstone Audio. Other editions available, various publishers.

Summary: Sisters Charlotte and Samantha would regret the afternoon they stayed home from track practice at school for the rest of their lives. Their home had recently burned down, torched by someone wanting to inflict pain and revenge upon their father, Rusty.  The attorney to every misfortunate and criminal in the area, Rusty made a lot of enemies from those who were angry about his successes in the courtroom. Rusty’s wife, Harriet, the mother of his two much beloved daughters, let the girls stay home to help her sort through the cardboard boxes of Thrift Store and donated items in the ramshackle farmhouse they’d just moved into.The Good Daughter

Suddenly, two men wearing ski masks barged in looking for Rusty. They didn’t expect to find the girls at home—they were scheduled to be at track practice. This forced them into a change of plans. Angry and out of control, one of them fatally shoots Harriet. The girls run for their lives, but Sam is caught, shot and buried alive. Her sister, Charlie, escapes but not without consequences of her own.

Over 20 years later, Rusty is defending a young girl accused of being a school shooter. Charlie was accidentally a witness to the incident. Now also a lawyer, she aids her ailing father in finding out the truth as to what really happened in the school. What she finds makes her painfully face her own long buried trauma.

Comments: Told from multiple points of view and varying timelines, this is a book that is both distressing to read and hard to put down. Not everything is revealed in the order of events, but rather unfolds, like surfacing suppressed memories. This technique really pulled me into the story. The Good Daughter has quirky, unique, flawed characters that left me thinking about them long after I’d finished the book.

I read one or two of Karin Slaughter’s series books years ago and have no idea why I never read more. This is the first stand-alone novel I’ve read by this author. I’ve already put more of her books in my reading queue.

Very highly recommended for readers of General Fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, and Legal Fiction.

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