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Our House by Louise Candlish

Publication Info: Kindle e-book, US edition, Berkeley Books, Aug 7, 2018. Other editions available. Downloaded via Overdrive through my public library.

Summary: Fiona and Bram have a lovely home in an affluent suburb with excellent schools for their two young sons. They both have jobs they like and friends in the neighborhood. Fiona thought she had a perfect life until she caught Bram having sex with another woman—for the second time.Our House

Fiona wanted a separation from Bram with the least disruption for the children. As Bram had been literally caught with his pants down, he was hardly in a position to disagree with his wife. At her suggestion, they chose to take turns living in the house with the boys, using a small, rented flat for their off-nights.

The system seemed to be working fairly well. The boys were happy and doing well in school. Fiona noticed that Bram was very stressed, but just put it down to the situation and his feelings of guilt. She had no idea Bram was harboring several secrets much more serious than one-night-stands with other women until she discovered strangers moving into her house.

Comments: I almost didn’t get past the first couple of chapters on this one. The device of having much of Fiona’s narration as part of a podcast with feedback comments from listeners was off-putting. I kept going and I did enjoy it, but overall the book was a fairly light thriller with enough chick-lit elements to make me think that this book would primarily appeal to women.

For readers of women’s fiction and lighter psychological suspense.

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