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Lies by T.M. Logan

Publication Date: Originally published Jan 17, 2017 by twenty7. This book is being republished by St. Martin’s Press on Sept. 11, 2018. Pre-Pub edition of this book courtesy of Net Galley.

Summary: Joe Lynch’s contented life veers completely off course the day his four-year-old son spots his mother’s car as they’re driving on the freeway. Young William, all excited, wants to follow his Mommy and show her his certificate from school. Joe cheerfully obliges and follows his wife’s car into the parking area of a hotel. Although a bit odd, Joe knows his wife, Mel, meets with clients in a variety of places.

Joe spots her sitting at a table in the hotel with someone he recognizes, Ben Delaney, the husband of one of Mel’s closest friends. They’re arguing. Ben is obviously very angry. Joe backs away from the scene into the parking garage and texts his wife to ask if she’s okay, but she doesn’t reply. He is unable to catch up with her when she exits the garage, visibly upset.Lies

When Ben emerges from the elevator, Joe, not very adept at confrontation, asks him if he’s seen Mel. Ben denies it. Joe persists, and Ben gets angry, grabs Joe and slams him into the side of his SUV. Joe pushes back, and Ben falls onto the pavement, blood streaming out of one ear.

William, having observed this altercation, has a bad asthma attack. Joe doesn’t have his son’s inhaler with him, so he rushes him home. When he comes back a short time later to check on Ben, the man and his SUV are gone.

Shortly after this event, Joe discovers his wife has been lying to him about a lot of things. He also starts getting threatening digital messages from Ben. The insidious messages and images pop up on his cell phone, Facebook page and even his computer. Ben’s wife has reported him missing to the police, but Joe is sure he’s alive, sending him these messages. To the police, however, there is no “proof of life” for Ben and Joe becomes the prime murder suspect.

Comments: This is one heck of a page turner! I read Lies in nearly one sitting. (Life sometimes gets in the way of reading, unfortunately). Every move that Joe made to try to solve the riddle of Ben’s whereabouts was derailed with pinpoint accuracy. As his life, work and marriage spiraled out of control, my heart was thumping, and my hands were gripping my kindle. At the time I read this book, I was dealing with some challenging problems of my own. This book was a much-needed total distraction – and it takes a lot to get my mind to stop spinning OCD style.

Very highly recommended for fans of psychological thrillers.

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