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The Thinnest Air by Minka Kent

Publication Date July 1, 2018 by Thomas & Mercer. Available on Kindle Unlimited and other formats.

Summary: Meredith should be happy, but she isn’t. Gorgeous young Meredith lives a life of decadent luxury with her handsome ultra-rich husband, Andrew Price. Although she is much younger than Andrew—and his third wife—she feels she is more than just a prize for him to show off. He certainly enjoys having her look “a certain way” out in public, but he treats her with what appears to be genuine affection in and out of bed. the thinnest air

But Meredith is bored and lonely. She can only spend so much time working out at the gym and shopping. She has little in common with the other wives and only has one casual female friendship. After three years of marriage, Andrew no longer lavishes her with attention and has become somewhat distant. Meredith finds herself looking for distraction and affection.

After Meredith mysteriously disappears from the parking lot of a store, suspicion initially falls on Andrew, but he has a solid alibi. Did Meredith walk away from an unhappy marriage or did something happen to her?

Comments: The Thinnest Air starts out with a cringe-worthy sex scene, which is unfortunate as it almost made me stop reading. But that quickly passed, and the book settled into a standard thriller. It was a fast, entertaining story, but the characters and plot were too predictable. The breezy, clear writing style—plus the desire to live the Price’s lifestyle–is what propelled the novel.

I picked this up after some oral surgery when I was looking for light entertainment. It would also make a good beach book. I read the Kindle Unlimited edition.

3 out of 5 books

3 out of 5 books

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