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City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong

Summary: Casey Duncan and her best friend, Diana Berry, are both victims of violence. After feeling guilty for shooting her heartless, immoral, mobster-connected boyfriend and hiding the weapon, Casey becomes a homicide detective who harbors a secret wish to be punished. Diana has an abusive, remorseless ex-boyfriend who continues to taunt her.

After both women are attacked in separate incidents, Diana begs Casey to consider disappearing. She knows of a secret town and she has a contact number.

The town of Rockton is tucked away in the northern Canadian wilderness. The conditions are primitive compared to the outside world. Basic supplies are flown in, but residents are expected to use their skills to contribute to the community. The Rockton council accepts Casey’s application because they need a detective to solve a murder. Casey will only go if they include Diana. Reluctantly, the council agrees.

As Casey works to solve the murder, she learns that no one is quite who they appear to be, not even her best friend.

Comments: While I ended up enjoying City of the Lost, I almost didn’t finish it. It starts out well enough, but then it lags for a good 100 pages or so. I kept putting the book down to go do something more interesting, like opening the refrigerator or checking the weather report. Once I got past the draggy section, the pace of the book picked up considerably and I found myself reading more eagerly. Ultimately, I enjoyed it enough to put the second book in the Rockton series,  A Darkness Absolute, on my to-read list.

3 ½ out of 5 books.

3.5 out of 5 books

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